Carson’s room!


I worked hard to make my son’s room a reflection of our style but also what is trendy at the moment.  I wanted to be able to give him bright colors and bold patterns mixed with a classic grey.  Many people’s favorite part of the room is the ceiling, I’ll admit it I stole it from another blog, nonetheless it does look awesome (and it was a lot of hard work for my husband!).

The elements of the room came together over time, most made by my friends.  I’ll link up their Facebook pages or blogs so you could contact them to get a tutorial! Also my friend Adam took some of these great pictures, be sure to contact him for your newborn pictures.

Barn Window

vintage KY barn window. by iPhone

We have flat paint in the room and with the having a little boy pee all over the place I figured we needed some sort of splash guard.  Well… in comes the barn window.  My dad found this in KY and painted it to match our room.  It looks perfect above the dresser my dad and I stripped and painted together a few years ago.

Rocking Chair Cushions

rocking chair cushions. by iPhone

Getting a rocking chair from parents was such a blessing but the wicker bottom and back were a little warn and were not very comfortable.  I looked all over the place for weeks for the right cushions but nothing would work.  Then I had a great idea, my friend Rachel has done some great work with recovering chairs for me in the past.  So I took her to my favorite fabric store, The Fabric House (I admit it, I splurged)here in Nashville.  I picked a totally new pattern in the same line of fabrics that the rest of the bedding is.  She volunteered all her time and talent, if you need someone to carry out a vision and you just don’t think you can do it yourself, ask a friend.

Book Crates

wood crates make great bookshelves

This room doesn’t have a whole lot of square footage so I decided I’d ditch the book shelf for now.  Since he had several books I wanted to feature them somehow but cheap.  I took some great crates from hobby lobby and painted them.  I have a orange one and a turquoise one.  I used the ceiling paint so I didn’t have to buy more paint either!


painting by Amy Dillon Azevedo

I endured many art projects in college, brushes & canvases all over my dorm room, even a wood project with soda bottles, thanks to my roommate Amy.  She took on the task of recreating a great painting I found in a nursery online and make it exactly what I wanted, espically the unique dimensions.  Amy is so gifted and I love that she has such a significant part of his room.

Tangerine Shaggy Rug

fun shaggy rug.

This is one of my favorite pictures of our sweet Lola and baby Carson.  She loves him and he has never been scared of her!  This rug was one of my splurges.  It may not be for you but I just had a hard time buying a $150 rug!  It really is one of my favorite pops of color to the room.

Crib Quilt & Bedding

Crib quilt. iPhone

I found a great Etsy site, Modifiedtot for my bedding & diaper changing pad.  I just love the bright colors and multiple patterns.  The quilt hanging on the back of the crib was a great gift from the talented Jennifer Ensor.  She said she picked out the patterns before seeing our room!

Wood Block

beautiful wood block from Jennifer Robertson

My beautiful sister in law, Jennifer, gave us this great wood block that has all of Carson’s birth information displayed in a creative way.  It’s one of my favorite surprises I received in the mail the week after his birth.

Framed Verse

handwritten verse by Cathy Jones Forman

Another great gift from a friend!  My dear friend, Cathy, from Middle School, made this great print by hand.  I love that she wrote it all out and it has her character all over it. I also use this as a reminder each time I get him out of his crib that he has been set apart by God for big things.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the fun elements Carson has in his room, I hope he can spend more and more time in here as he gets older.  I know he will love all the bright colors and textures.