Christmas Gift Wrap

Last year I decided I was not going to give into the Christmas wrapping paper.  I really don’t like 99% of it and I wanted to spend my money on something creative rather than wrapping paper.  I found some butcher paper (or you can use craft paper).  Then I discovered that I could use my scrap booking tool, Cricut machine, to create a wonderful gift tag.  I got some great festive gold, red, white & silver scrap booking paper.  Then I made all the cuts I needed to  and used my sticker maker.  Some of the gifts I used initials and others I used the whole name.  Then for the final touch I used different textures of ribbon and yarn to create bows.  These gifts ended up looking more like my christmas decorations than cluttered gifts below the tree.


Making the most of your old wreath.

Summer Wreath

This is the last wreath post, I promise!

A few years ago when my grandmother passed away someone gave her a beautiful wreath with artifical flowers on it.  I usually try to keep things simple at my house (avoiding a lot of wall hangings etc.).  But I really felt like this wreath needed a special place in my home.  After moving 4 times in 4 years I felt attached to this wreath but in it’s original appearance I hated it.  So what to do with something large that you are attached to but feel doesn’t communicate who you are, it just wasn’t my style!  So I took off all the flowers and arrange them in a small vase that I could keep.  Here is how we got the Summer wreath.


-natural wood paddle from a craft store

-applique for wall decal

-spray paint

-various color ribbons


-hot glue gun


-Spray paint your paddle & let it dry

-Apply decal according to package directions

-Start your widest ribbon at the bottom of your wreath an wrap around

-Take smaller ribbons and weave them throughout the wreath

-Place one small dot of hot glue at the ends of your shells and stick randomly or gathered on the wreath to your liking

-Stick your paddle through the wreath, you may need to secure it but i did not have to

One of my favorite things about this project is how fast it is and that you can use the wreath to decorate in a similar manner for the next season.

For you and all the little girls

Bad hair day? Want to look awesome at the gym?  Need ideas for a great gift for that little girl you know?  What about saving money making your own accessories?

3 Tutorials for you today, Not vastly different but slightly!

1. Fabric Flower  (2) headband


Fabric (3 different colors or patterns, any light weight material will do, the cheap stuff is great for this project).

Headband (pre-made or lace ribbon, must have some elastic qualities, see the 2nd tutorial for details)

Hot glue

Needle & Thread


Step 1: Cut stripes of fabric, I like each to be 1′ long & about 1″ to 1.5″ wide.  The longer the fabric the larger the flowers.  I would advise you try this flower with some scrap fabric first, it doesn’t take much.

Step 2: Start at one end of the fabric.  Fold the strip in half horizontally or long ways!  Then fold it again.  This should give you one long piece of fabric folded into a very skinny strip.  Really only worry about having one end tightly folded.  Start to roll this end of tightly folded fabric.

Step  3: After rolling the fabric to the size of your thumb nail put a dot of hot glue to keep it tight.

Step 4: Start to turn the fabric half way around and glue after every few turns to ensure that the fabric will stay put. Do not keep turning your fabric at the same point every time, make it more of a random turn so you get petals that look natural with frayed and smooth edges.  Your fabric will quickly start to unfold from your original but that is okay, this is what is making the petals of your flower.

Step 5: Try to keep the flower as flat as possible.  If you find that your flower is tall you may want to start again with a new piece of fabric and cut a skinner piece of fabric.

Step 6: Once you feel as though you have the appropriate size flower take the tail and pull it around to the underside, securing with a dot of hot glue.

Step 7: Continue this process with the other two pieces of fabric.

Step 8:  Sew each flower to the head band.  Remember that with the elastic of the headband that when you put it on the material will stretch.  I learned this the hard way.  The first one I made the flowers were very far apart on the head band when I put it on. The second one I made was the one pictured and I sewed each flower almost on top of each other to get a better look.

2. Making lace headbands

Check out last weeks blog for details on how to make this fabric flower (1):

You may also use the fabric flower (2) for this head band.

Supplies for Headband:

Elastic ribbon

Thread & Needle


Step 1: Cut elastic ribbon to size of head, keep in mind how small infants heads are.  The one pictured was tiny! Leave a little extra fabric for step 2.

Step 2: sew together ends of ribbon with matching color thread.  I was not great at sewing this lace but after the second one I got it pretty well!

3. Layered button fabric flower (3)


Either headband from today’s tutorial 1 or 2

Fabric (2 different colors)

Buttons (at least 3 of similar colors but slightly different sizes)

Thread & Needle


Step 1: Use tutorial 1 or 2 head band

Step 2: Cut fabric, alternating sizes of fabric

Step 3: Start base color, opposite color of headband

Step 4: Tack down 1st color of fabric to headband, start alternating colored fabric, sewing each one, you will only need 2 stitches per layer.

Step 5: Sew each button in a cluster in the middle.I loved having multiple buttons of slightly different colors, that matched the head band.

I hope you enjoy these projects!  I have found they are my go to when I need a gift.

Fabric Flower

Fabric Flowers

Especially good for a baby shower as party favors. I made one flower per guest and asked every guest to take one home, to wear it on a regular basis and pray for the new baby girl.  I have also sewn these flowers to a head band or hair clip!


Fabric- 3-4 yards, thicker or textured fabric is better.

Thread & needle-matching the fabric color


cookie cutters

fabric pen/pencil/sharpie

Hot glue gun


Fabric scissors

Additional supplies for making party favors with your fabric flowers

Clear Party Bags

Card stock paper (any light color)

Hole punch

Colored pen



Step 1: Use medium sized cookie cutters to trace 9 circles  (per flower) on fabric with fabric pen/pencil/sharpie. (If you are not using buttons for center cut another very small circle).

Step 2: Cut circles

Step 3: Thread similar colored thread into needle.  (Cut thread, it should be about 2 ft. Tie several small knots in the end opposite the needle, creating one larger knot.)

Step 4: Use one circle as the base.

Step 5: Fold 2nd circle in half twice, creating a 1/4th pieces.  Start needle from the underside of your base and tack down all 4 of the 1st layers of your flower.  You can see a picture below to give you a better idea.

Step 6: Fold the 6th circle as you did the others.  Do not place this circle directly on top of the other pie pieces, rather place it half way between each, to cover the edges of each of the pieces you placed on the 1st layer.  This picture below will help you more than my description.

Step 7: Tack down the rest of your circles this way, making the 2nd layer of the flower.

Step 8: From the bottom thread the needle up, place button in the center of your flower and sew it on.  This take 8-9 stitches for the button to become secure. (If you are not using a button take your small circle, fold in half. From one side start to role the fabric, you will be making a cone shape.  When finish simply tack down in the middle as you would all your previous fabric.)

Step 9: Heat hot clue gun.  Place a very small amount of glue onto the underside of the flower and quickly place flat side of pin onto the glue.  Hold for a few seconds.

If making guest party favors with your fabric flowers:

Step 10:  Put each flower in a clear bag.

Step 11: Cut stripes of paper & hole punch one end.

Step 12:  Write a phrase on slips of paper, for example “Pray for Baby Esther every time you wear this flower”

Step 13:  Use the twist ties provided to close all bags.

Step 14:  Tie each slip of paper onto each bag with ribbon

Let me know if you have questions on how to make these flowers headbands or hair clips, I would love to help!

Brown paper packages tied up with string…

Try this project next time you have a gift to wrap. 

The 1st picture is my very first try, so it could have been better!  The picture at the bottom of the post is our Christmas gifts, you can tell experience helps. And yes it is cheaper than gift bags or wrapping paper.


Heavy Duty Craft Paper

Ribbon/Yarn/Bow (You can buy a bow as I did in the first picture or check out the picture at the end for other ribbon/yarn options)


Tape, I like packing tape

For Letters-

Colored card stock paper (I like scrap booking paper)

A Cricut machine, die cutting machine

Sticker Machine

Alternate for letters- You could also buy scrap booking stickers if you do not have these sticker making tools or the time to do your own letters


Step 1: Wrap in Heavy Duty Craft Paper. (Price this out, the cheapest I have found in a retail store has been $3 a roll, it may be cheaper online). I let my husband wrap a couple and he isn’t the world’s best wrapper but with this paper it actually doesn’t look too bad.

Step 2: Cut yarn or ribbon for each package, depending on the size.  If using yarn I like to use at least 5-6 pieces per package. (If doing a series of gifts, I love having different textures of ribbons, different thicknesses etc.  I thought it gave it all some depth.)

Step 3: Tie ribbon or yarn around packages. (Or attach bow)

Step 4: Cut letters with Cricut using card stock paper.  I like to use shadow letters and normal letters, your Cricut should be able to give you instructions on how to do this.

Step 5: Feed letters into sticker machine.  If making shadow letters I advise making the shadows first, then make the actual letters in a different color.

Step 6: Put letters on packages.

Let me know if you have questions on any of these supplies or steps.