Thanksgiving Traditon

Thanksgiving Day has become a big deal with our extended family.  My Aunt Alice and her mother-in-law started a great tradition.  I hope that one day I will be able to also create a tradition like this one.

Many people have a festive table cloth they use for this special holiday.  Well Alice stepped it up a notch a many years ago.  She took our harvest table cloth and asked every guest to sign the table cloth.  She would set aside a certain area and label with the year.  After every guest had signed the table cloth she would stitch every name and then wash.  Over the years when you come back you see names of friends of the family who were special guests.  One of my favorite things about this table cloth was when my boy friend came, then he became my fiance and then my husband.


I’m sad that this is her last year as host of thanksgiving and that I won’t be able to be there.  But I do want her to know what a great memory she created for her family and how she inspired me to start some memories like this for our family.


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