How I saved $ on my wedding before Pinterest!

My husband and I got married over 5 years ago.  The only internet resource I really had was Today I will help give you a glimpse on how to save money by making and creating some fun things that were very personal and reflected your style. The money saving tips will be in green.

If you are getting ready to plan your wedding or helping a close friend/family member plan their big day I have one big piece of advice for you, pick two to three elements of your wedding that you are not willing to compromise on.  Spend your money on those things first and let everything else fall in to place.

The two important elements for me were:


You will see why I loved our photographer so much in this post.  Don’t forget that the pictures from your wedding will be how you tell the story of your wedding day for the rest of your life!

Location, Location, Location!

There are so many reasons why I wanted the Peterson-Dumesnil House in Louisville KY to host our reception, most of our photographs & where we prepared for the big day. This home is a special place for my family, we have been having Thanksgiving here for over 15 years, my aunt and uncle got married there, Corey proposed to be in the living room and I also decorated this staircase (below) for Christmas every year as a child.  When little girls dream of seeing their future husband for the first time most dream of the aisle, I always dreamed about these steps, and seeing him at the bottom!

**Since my Aunt and Uncle are on the board for this historic community we were able to get this home and it’s beautiful property at half price.

I had such a wonderful group of women around there to help me pull off the most beautiful day of my life I just knew I had to give them some fun special treats!

**I ordered these cute personalized bags from, grabbed some flipflops from Old Navy, gave them a cute mug & lots of love!

**Not every wedding needs flowers, I know that you may not believe me but it’s true.  I have been some some wonderful winter weddings where the bridesmaids carried muffs or the bride made fabric flowers for her bouquet.  I received a very valuable and personal gift for our wedding, my aunt Alice made every bouquet, center piece & church vase. It was a complete surprise and it was perfect!

I absolutely love paper products.  I think one of the hardest decisions to make for me was which store or company I would use for my wedding invitations.  Finally after a lot of research I found a great website they were reasonably priced and they sent me free samples, which was very important to me.

**Since I wanted to keep our programs very simple we took one of our invitations into a local print shop.  We basically just said, give us the closest paper & ink you can give us for our programs. It was important for me to know those that were standing up with us at the alter.  The second was that they would have a order of service. These simple programs I designed and I’ve had several friends us the same lay out.  When we come to your wedding we do not want to read a book.  Keep it simple!

My college/post college roommate Amy set up a place for people to give us their advice and blessings on our wedding day.  Here is what it looked like!

**We picked out some great scrap-booking paper & three glass vases.  This wasn’t just a fun element for our reception but I added the scraps of paper to the back of our guest book (very unconventional guest book I might add with black pages & silver/white pens).  I read these at least once a year and it became one of my favorite take-a ways from our big day. 

Old barn windows are all the rage these days, but I’d like to think that  we were on the cutting edge!

**Most big signs are tacky, an I wanted everyone to know they were at the right place.  The solution was this old barn window, we used some shoe polish to welcome the guests to our reception.  These kids running in the background & the historic home give the feel of southern elegance mixed with a true family affair!

I hope you have seen some ideas that inspire you from our wedding.  We loved every moment of our day and as I look back these elements are all ones I will never forget!


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