Wedding inspiration from creative friends


At one time in place not so long ago I was a part time wedding coordinator, coordinating up to 15 weddings in one year.  It’s such a fun job but upon my move to Nashville I really stepped away from it all.  I still love it but I did realize that I would have to give up most of my weekends to pursue this passion, it just was something I wasn’t willing to sacrifice.  But looking through some of the pictures from the last few years I realize I have gotten to see some of my friends pull off some wonderfully creative elements for their weddings.  So I may not have tutorials for them but I did want to plant the seed in case you find yourself in need of some inspiration one day.  I hope to give you a glimpse into the creativity of our wedding next week!

Cambrey & Corey’s picture backdrop.

Katie & Clay’s simple wedding program

Rachel & Mike’s Polaroid back drop for guests

Christy & Matt’s various wedding cakes at every table

Abigail & Alfred’s BBQ food truck & personalized bibs

If you have any questions on how these bride’s pulled it off be sure to send them a message, I know they would love to share their ideas with you.






2 thoughts on “Wedding inspiration from creative friends

    • The key is printing them with the boarder to the square size. Then just over lap the two stings u will be attaching. Use close pins, start at the bottom and over lap. They had pics of them alone & together when they were various ages, we tried to not place two pics next to each other that were the same kind. Not did take about a hour so if u do this i would get someone I trust to come in a do it for u.
      Hope that helps.

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