Unfinished wood=Cute closet dividers

Baby clothes…for most new moms these baby clothes can get a little overwhelming and checking the tags every time you go to pick out clothes can be a real chore when you are sleepy and can barely make it the closet.  What I do know is that organization and clean give me peace and help me rest.  Putting the little bitty clothes back in the right place 2-3 times a week will give me the peace I need to rest.

These closet dividers will make your life so much easier in the first year of your new new life as parent and it was so cheap.


Unfinished Wood Door Hangers (I got mine from Hobby Lobby but this looks like a great deal too)

Chalkboard Paint (I had some left over from my Chalkboard Pallet)

Hand Saw


1) Saw a opening in you wood hanger (if you can find a hanger with a slit in it already bonus!)

2)  Paint the wood hanger & let dry

3) Write whatever you want on your door hangers & then place in closet.


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