Quick hand made gift for a friend!

These pin boards make amazing gifts and they are so easy!  When my friend Greta’s birthday came along I knew I wanted to make her something special.  Since she is a teacher I knew that something like this would be perfect for her to help organize her desk or class room.  I also think these would be perfect for a kids room, mud room or kitchen where you need to keep small reminders.  Here is how I did it!


-Package of 4 thin cork boards or larger board cut into 4 equal pieces

-2 different patterns of fabric

-Needle and thread (similar color to patterned fabric)

-Hot glue gun

-Ribbon or rope



1) Cut your fabric slightly bigger (1 inch) than your cork board.

2) Hot glue each side down and pay particular attention to the corners, you may have to cut the fabric in order to keep it clean.

3) Cut your robe or ribbon to the length that you feel will be good for your project.  Hot glue each end to the back of your board.

4) See the fabric flower tutorial in this earlier post.


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