Only 50 more weeks…

By far my favorite holiday is Independence Day, July 4th.  When I was little I would tell people that was my birthday, I was off about 20 days (my birthday is July 24th).  I really can’t give you a great reason for the excitement that I get over this holiday but I do know one thing, I LOVE IT!

This year we had a small group of friends over to celebrate, I always wish I could invite everyone I know to parties but since we were doing it outside I needed to limit the guest list, I’m always telling my husband that we need a bigger deck, one of these days I’ll get my big deck.

So here are some of my favorite projects from this year and I’ll try to give you a good idea of how I made them all.  It was a work of labor over several days so just be forewarned!

We asked all our friends to wear RED, WHITE & BLUE and bring RED, WHITE & BLUE food.  Here are some of the great treats that they brought!

Perfect Burgers

Patriotic Twizzlers

Cheesecake stuffed berries

Peachy Keen Bourbon Cocktails made with the PEACH TRUCK peaches

White Chocolate dipped waffle cones for our ice cream sunday bar


Blue Punch with blue star ice

Let’s talk decor projects:

Serving Tray (above)-  We used the above tray for our Mason jars and our Peachy Keen Bourbon Cocktail.  This tray has been so useful over the years.  It came with a glass bottom that you can remove to put differant paper, fabric, etc below it for various themes.  For this party I cut some thin foam to size and then added these felt sparkly stars I got at Michael’s crafts.

Mason Jars with Silverware-  Ideally I would have loved to make this

But since i’m pregnant and I just had to cut corners for easy clean up this is what I got:

Table decor- I pulled out my favorite table cloth and took this bucket, added a red/white/blue ribbon & a cool rope.  Then I froze some water balloons over night and placed some small water bottles in the pail.  It was fun but also helpful to have the water contained in the balloons, word to the wise don’t fill the balloons completely full or they may burst.

Welcome to the party- I used my old wreath from Christmas and Valentine’s day added sticker stars, foam stars from my local craft store, extra ribbon & some blue yarn.

A extra touch- These small vintage glass milk bottles were only $3 a piece at a cool local store in downtown Franklin TN.  I used the same sticker stars from the serving tray to attach this ribbon.  Then i stuffed my bottles with some white and blue fabric.  The glass square vases were a last minute addition.  I needed somewhere to use my little flags, from cupcake decorating kit I got last year.  So I found some sand and this freedom sign and poof, here is another small fun addition to our drink bar!

Dog scarfs-  The beautiful dogs got into the spirit too!  Last year I cut a piece of blue fabric into a large triangle and added some fabric flowers in white and red.  It was so easy!

Lemons & Daises-  Since I had some extra mason jars I got some daisies and some lemons from the grocery.  I did a little research on how to keep the lemons from floating and found that my big glass rocks are the easiest way.  Last step of this was adding your flowers in.

Vintage backdrop-  You may recognize my chalkboard pallet we used for a great back drop.

One of my new projects for this picnic was my paint sample pendant.  Here is the final product and I walk you through a couple steps below too!

1st grab a several of these for free from the hardware store.  I got two different kinds!

Trace one you want on the back and cut away!  The final step really was easy, use a one hole punch on each end and string the ribbon through.


It was 105 degrees on the 4th of July and as you can see our grass is all dead.  So we made this great summer time treat for the dogs.  We got a small plastic bucket, similar to the ones you get for the beach, mix some beef/chicken broth with water and try your best to sink some of your dogs favorite plastic toys (we actually got some cheap ones from the dollar store and had to get water inside them to sink).  We added carrots but they were not previously frozen so they ended up gross, so try frozen carrots.  As you can tell from below they loved it!


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