Gender Reveal Party

Yellow themed baby gender reveal party!

This month is all about the parties!  Maybe you just want to throw a great 4th of July party or you are ready to take all the friends to the local vineyard.  Either way I love to entertain and I thought a month of posts about how I’ve become a more creative (and CHEAP) party planner!

One of our most recent parties was on our 5 year anniversary.  We had a pretty hectic day, with Corey running a half marathon in the morning, so we just planned to do dinner at our favorite local BBQ joint and then head to our house for dessert.

Just days before we found out the gender of baby Robertson, we wanted to surprise our friends just a few days after we found out. So this is how I did it:

Yellow Theme:

-Baby announcement banner

-Big yellow sunflowers

-Yellow utensils

-Baby bib as decor (I bought this bib in a set when we got my mom a grandma bib for her birthday!)

Yellow place mat (from the summer line at Target)

-One of baby Robertson’s first books, HUG

-Trunk hiding BLUE balloons, revealed with the cake!

-Post-it’s for guests to cast their votes, BOY OR GIRL?  After all the votes were tallied we had 12 BOY votes and 2 girl votes.  After the guests found out we were having a boy I asked why so many voted for a boy, they said… “well Natalie you were just to peaceful about the whole situation.” Our friends know us well, see they knew we really wanted a boy!

-My favorite cake pedestal

Yellow gender reveal cake with BLUE in between the layers by my dear friend Rachel Stevens (she would love to make you one too!).  She also had our baby’s name CARSON written on the bottom so when all the cake was gone they could see the name.

-We also gathered around our fire pit, roasted marshmallows and ate s’mores


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