Paint by number!

A few years ago I had a blank canvas, paint and a idea.  The canvas ended up in the trash.  But since then I have discovered something, there are some projects that don’t come easy, and those times require “paint by number!”

I have two friends who are artist, Lisa is a professional and my roommate from college Amy was at one time a art major in college.  I could easily compare my artistic talents to theirs but the reality is I’m not a good artist.  So I mix it up, I have a pencil drawing by my college roommate hanging in our office, I have a beautiful painting from Lisa with the skyline of Nashville in my living room & then I have the beauty pictured above. This painting came out of one of those classes, you know the ones where you and all your girl friends get together and go to a local painting class… oh and some wine!

So there is no tutorial today, but there is this reminder, there are certain things you just can’t do as well as your friend. You can still be creative though, it just may not look like you had hoped.  Let yourself off the hook and let someone else show you how to “paint by number”. It’s a great experience to laugh at yourself and even more fun to do it with friends.


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