Garden Box & Compost

When we moved into our first home here in Nashville I knew one of my first spring projects would be planting a garden and starting to compost.  I realize that while I sit here I should have probably watered my garden this morning but alas here I sit, and my garden won’t get watered until tonight!

Compost Box:

This has been the most successful part of our adventure.  We started this just over a year ago and last fall we broke up a pumpkin and put it in there, this spring when we pulled out some SUPER rich soil there was no trace of our very large pumpkin!  Can you believe it?  I mean this thing works and because of it we have saved so much waste and also saved ourselves some money on garden soil when planting flowers and vegetables this year.

My boss, Blake, actually made us this beautiful box, check him out on Etsy: HERE

Here are some of items we regularly put in our box-

-Raw egg shells

-Coffee grounds

-Any raw vegetables (cut them up though, if not you will start growing root vegetables)

-Human hair (weird I know but I do cut my husband’s hair and I put it in there when i’m finished)

-Potting soil when winter hits

-Flowers/Plants at the end of growing season

-Cut grass

-Leaves in the fall

-Tree/Bush trimmings

I feel like I could go on and on!

We started our garden last year and didn’t get a whole lot of produce out of it, but we are hoping year two goes significantly better!  I want to make a disclaimer on my garden box supplies and tutorial, my husband and brother in law made this box, so after reading this he may have some additional steps to add that I left out, I’ll make sure to edit as he does!

Garden Box Supplies:

-New saw (my husband was super excited about this one!)

-2x4s (4 of them, length depending on size of garden)




-Nails/Hammer or Nail Gun

-Weed barrier (we actually just used old card board boxes that we broke down and laid out, they essentially do the same thing as the weed barrier you can buy)

-Garden planting soil


-Dig up the area you want to plant your garden.  You can chose to do this by hand or with a tiller, my family had a tiller growing up but we just did our by hand.

-Level the ground, if not already level

-Put down your weed barrier for size of garden

-Cut your boards for garden size

-Nail corners together

-Dig small ditch like to put your 2x4s in, ours was like 2-3 inches deep

-After completing your box fill with soil & plant!

I hope you will try out some home gardening or composting!


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