Chalkboard Pallet

Pallet turned chalkboard.

About 6 months ago the church I work at had some pallets they were not using any more.  A couple friends and I took some of the leftovers.  I am excited to share how easy easy easy this big statement piece is!


-Pallet (you can get these from a lot of home improvement stores, just go to the shipping and ask if they have any extra)

-Chalkboard spray paint

-Drop cloth for painting

-Chalk & Eraser

-Sand paper


-Sand down any rough places on your pallet

-Put down your drop cloth and spray paint your pallet

-Set it out in the sun to dry after the first coat

-Spray second coat on your pallet

-Let dry before moving indoors

And it’s that EASY!

What projects have you wanted to attempt with a pallet?


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