Making the most of your old wreath.

Summer Wreath

This is the last wreath post, I promise!

A few years ago when my grandmother passed away someone gave her a beautiful wreath with artifical flowers on it.  I usually try to keep things simple at my house (avoiding a lot of wall hangings etc.).  But I really felt like this wreath needed a special place in my home.  After moving 4 times in 4 years I felt attached to this wreath but in it’s original appearance I hated it.  So what to do with something large that you are attached to but feel doesn’t communicate who you are, it just wasn’t my style!  So I took off all the flowers and arrange them in a small vase that I could keep.  Here is how we got the Summer wreath.


-natural wood paddle from a craft store

-applique for wall decal

-spray paint

-various color ribbons


-hot glue gun


-Spray paint your paddle & let it dry

-Apply decal according to package directions

-Start your widest ribbon at the bottom of your wreath an wrap around

-Take smaller ribbons and weave them throughout the wreath

-Place one small dot of hot glue at the ends of your shells and stick randomly or gathered on the wreath to your liking

-Stick your paddle through the wreath, you may need to secure it but i did not have to

One of my favorite things about this project is how fast it is and that you can use the wreath to decorate in a similar manner for the next season.


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