Transforming a yarn wreath

Happy Christmas!

This past Christmas I decided to experiment with my first yarn wreath.  I will tell you it was probably the most surprising of all the projects I have taken on.  This one was not at all hard but it took FOREVER!  My advice to you is to start small.  I’m kind of a go big or go home girl so it doesn’t surprise me that I have often times found myself in way over my head with these projects but this one seemed to be extra time consuming with the very large wreath I purchased. So since I had already spent so much time on the yarn I decided I would transform that Christmas masterpiece into a Valentine’s creation.  It turned out pretty good, what do you think?

Happy Heart Day!

Let’s first talk about how to make the base for this wreath.


-Several types (colors) of yarn

-Ribbon to hang with

-Wreath (let’s learn from my mistakes and start small friends!)



-Find a good place to start and tie your yarn around your wreath.  Just make a small knot.

-Start wrapping your yarn.  (This is the part that takes a while)

-Keep yarn section of your first color small.  (I did not and when I was finished it looked more like a life preserver than anything else!)

-After you have reached a desired amount of yarn on your first section tie it off in the back and cut your yarn.

-Use a tape measure to get the first section length and make every additional section that same length.

-Basically you are going to continue this process over and over again until your wreath is fully covered with yarn

Christmas Wreath Supplies & Tutorial


-Flat Christmas ornament, without hook.  (I thought this snow flake worked perfectly)

-Christmas flare, that’s what I will call it! (You can usually find this all over the place around christmas to stick in your tree for extra sparkle, it may be in the floral dept if you are having trouble finding it)

-Holly from a near by bush.  This is free but comes with a hazard, grab your gardening gloves and clippers and snip a few branches

-Hot glue gun



-Take apart your Christmas flare so they are in individual pieces

-Next arrange your flare in a somewhat random pattern with different lengths

-Hot glue every piece together at the point to which you want to attach to your ornament

-Cut off all the extra wire from the flare

-Wrap this end with the same yarn used for your wreath, tie off and cut any lose ends

-Hot glue this to the back of your ornament

-Glue the whole piece to your wreath

-Stick pieces of holly into your wreath, I didn’t secure them and they stayed pretty well

Valentines Wreath Supplies & Tutorial


-Yarn Letter/Numbers

-Valentine’s flare

-Fabric Flower

-Extra ribbon and fabric in the same family


-Take off your Christmas portion, throw away the holly & don’t worry about having some missing yarn, you will be covering this portion

-Cut pieces of fabric in long 1″ stripes.  Hot glue to the back of wreath wrap and finish by gluing to the back.  You can do this to cover the part where your christmas ornament was attached or pick another point

-Add your fabric flower at any point

-Tie knots in the ribbon and hot glue to your letter

-Cut small pieces of the fabric you used in step 1, I tied many together and then hot glued them to the back of my letter

-Use the Christmas tutorial to see how to arrange and attach to letter from above

I hope you can see how easy it is to transform your wreath from one season to the next.  My friends always wonder what I do with my old wreaths since I make so many, here is a great fix for the problem!


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