Stop Dyeing Eggs this Easter!

Let one of my favorite Momma’s teach you and your kids a fun craft this Easter! 

Guest post by  Brooke Widmer.

When my friend Natalie invited me to do a guest post on her blog, my first reaction was to look behind me to see who she was really talking to.  Intimidated as I was, I have to admit that this activity is too much fun not to share.  And what a great activity for Easter or Spring Break!  I first did this project with my oldest daughter about 4 years ago when she was 4, and now that my youngest is 4 I decided to go really big and do it with her whole Pre-K class.  Those kids  are precious, and I think they had as much fun putting these together as I did.  It’s hilarious to have conversations with little ones about shells and seeds…you wouldn’t believe the things they think they can grow!

Here’s what you will need to make your family of Egg Heads
Egg Shells, rinsed and allowed to air dry. Maybe you want to make an omelet or quiche for breakfast? Or maybe you are better at peeling boiled eggs than I am.  Either way, the more of the shell you can keep whole, the better.  It will have to hold water to work.

Cotton Balls

Alfalfa seeds (seeds can be found in several grocery stores, I found mine at Whole Foods)

Google eyes or a marker to give your Egg heads some personality

Something as a base for your egg to rest in/on.  You can use the egg carton itself, mini cupcake liners or these cute Easter chicks that I found at a dollar store in packs of 3.  Whatever you have on hand to keep them upright.
Here is your step by step Tutorial

Once you have assembled your clutch of egg shells you will glue (or draw) eyes on their faces.

Now stand them up in your base of choice.  I found sticky play foam to be a great medium for getting them to stand up and keep them in place.

Next soak your cotton balls in water and squeeze slightly so that you can carefully stuff the wet cotton inside the shells. Generously sprinkle the seeds over the wet cotton and set your Egg Head Family in a sunny window to watch them sprout full heads of hair!

Make sure to check the cotton daily and spritz with water to keep moist.  Of course be sure to name your little guys.  They are great conversationalists.

Enjoy!  Oh, and be sure to try the sprouts on a salad or sandwich.  The kiddos even tried these because it was something they grew!

These 2 were our first, and are still my favorite… Besther & Esther!


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