Easy Rag Wreath Guest Post from Steph Jenkins

When I was in high school, I dreamed about a lot of things. Didn’t we all? While I certainly dreamed about big things, one of the smaller, more domestic dreams was about having a cute house. Not just a nice house or a well decorated house. I wanted one of those someday too, but I guessed there would be a period of time where I would live in rentals and rely heavily on my creativity to make those houses homes. Having a type-A personality made it almost impossible for me to imagine having anything but the perfect cute house.

But something happened when I grew up. I realized I have what I call selective perfectionism. That means in some areas of my life, everything must be organized and in order. And in other areas, I become a free spirit with very little use for organization, measuring, and directions.

One of those free spirit areas is crafting. Several months ago I, along with it seems half the modern world, waltzed into Pinterest’s Do-It-Yourself vortex. While I have just as many crafty pins as the next girl, I’ve learned that I’m more foodie than crafty. Complicated recipe? No problem. Measuring paper? Please. No. I like the idea of making things myself, but as soon as I read the words “ruler” or “sewing” in the directions, my heart beats faster and I start scrambling for short cuts. Do I have to stitch that seam closed? Can I use hot glue instead? (The answer is usually no.)

I’m okay with it. Not everyone needs to be Martha Stewart. Maybe I’ll just try to be Julia Child. Which is where crafts like this rag wreath come in. It satisfies my desire to be creative, beautifies my home, didn’t even touch my wallet, and doesn’t trigger my sensitivity to precise measurements or needles and thread.

I got the fabric from someone on Craigslist when I posted a want ad for free fabric that people were trying to get rid of. 10 boxes later, I found pieces I wanted to keep and used a variety of them on this wreath. You can use different fabrics for different times of the year, and even repurpose other fabric. I have an old pair of jeans I cut to make shorts, and I’m considering using the legs with red and cream colors for July.

 You can also use coordinating ribbon in place of the fabric, which eliminates a lot of the cutting. In the photos, you can see I used a little bit of gold ribbon amidst the fabric strips. Adds a little sparkle, and the ribbon was leftover from a package of Christmas poppers someone gave us.

Rag Wreath


1 wire hanger

1 stack of coordinating fabric or ribbons

1 pair of fabric scissors

1 pair of wire cutters


Cut fabric into strips that are 6 inches long and 1 inch wide (obviously you can adjust this measurement to your preference)

If desired, you may cut them so that the center is thinner than the edges. I did this because some of my fabric was very thick.

Bend the hanger into a circle-ish shape. No need to be a perfectionist about it – the ribbons cover the slightly misshapen parts of the hanger.

Tie ribbons in double knots all the way around the hanger, pushing the knots together so you have a nice full wreath. You may wish to alternate patterns, or group all of one pattern together to create a striped look.

When you’re happy with the fullness of the wreath, use wire cutters to snip off the hook of the hanger. It’s up to you how short to cut it. Since I have a wreath hook on my door, I left it a little long so I wouldn’t have to re-twist any of the wire. The hook covers the little bit of hanger that sticks up.

What about you? Do you enjoy detailed crafting or more free form craft projects?

When Steph and her husband got married, they lived in a renovated shed and had a grocery budget that matched. As a passionate whole-foodie, Steph was determined to continue eating healthy, minimally-processed foods on their shoestring budget. So The Cheapskate Cook was born.


3 thoughts on “Easy Rag Wreath Guest Post from Steph Jenkins

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  2. This looks fantastic! I can hardly believe how easy it was too. I just might actually try this one. Thanks for the inspiration, Steph!

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