Yarn Letters or Numbers

This post is the first project that I feel like I’ve had a lot of difficulty with.  I hope that it isn’t as hard for you, maybe some of my pointers will help you out!

I gave this door hanger as a Christmas gift, it also doubled as a great tree ornament too!

For the flower tutorial see my previous post: For you and all the little girls

Letter Supplies:

-Wood or Paper Mache Letters of any size (though I think the larger letters are a bit easier)


-Ribbon for hanging

-Hot Glue



-Cut Yarn to a very long piece (2ft suggested), only If you have a letter with a small hole (completely closed off).

-Start by hot clueing your yarn to the back of the letter

-Wrap portion of letter near closed off part first, for instance if making a “A” you would start by wrapping the bottom of cross bar

-After completely wrapping that portion you will want to cut your yarn and hot clue the end to the back

-If you have any part of your letter that are smaller portions  or a flat end of the letter, wrap these next.

-Wrapping your letter may take some patience and some trail by error,  I had heard it was great to be able to make the long part of your yarn look similar how you would write the letter.  (for example with the letter “A” you would make all your yarn straight up the long side and then straight down the other).  This was very difficult for me so I just wrapped as well as I could.

-The most frustrating part of using yarn is that it tends to want to slide around on those pesky curved edges.  The best fix I have found for this is to put a dab of hot glue there before wrapping. Once you have one or two that are securely placed on that curved edge it isn’t as hard to get the rest of the yarn to stay in place.

-Finally I cut the ribbon and adhere it to the top part of my letter

If you happen to have some great suggestions on wrapping letters with yard I would love to have your suggestions!


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