Diaper Cake- Guest Post by Katie Ward

I wanted to include a great how-to plus some extra tips for the Diaper cake we made for our Milk Themed shower so I asked my friend Katie Ward to give us a little sight into the process.

I know that diapers are a true necessity for babies, but who wants to be the one to give diapers at a baby shower?  Let’s get real; girls like to give cute gifts.  Diapers = not cute.  Diaper cakes = adorable!

I cannot take full credit for this idea. Mandi Welbaum, editor of the blog Momaroo, inspired me just like Natalie will inspire you!  Some diaper cakes are tacky and decorated with items that Mom and baby will never use!  Momaroo’s diaper cakes are clean and classy.

I strayed away from the Diaper Cake DIY Instructions when I arranged the diapers.  I had trouble filling the twine to make a complete circle, so I tied off approximately 8 diapers at a time with kite string.  Then I tied string around all of those bundles to make the largest circle.  It was much easier to work with!

Also, I didn’t want the “cake” layers to fall so I used cardboard from a wrapping paper roll and placed it through all of my layers.  Problem solved.

Keeping with our milk theme, I used black and white ribbon, but I had to add a pink “S” to spice it up a little.

Not only will Mom and baby get tons of use out of this, but a diaper cake is also a cute addition to any baby shower décor!

Thanks for the great post Katie!


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