Milk Themed Baby Shower

When my dear friend Blair Moore told me she was pregnant I just knew our Cross Point Community Group would be throwing her a baby shower.  I had originally seen this idea on Pinterest, but it seemed like they spent a whole lot of money, we found a way to make all this ourselves and it was so much fun!  This is what we came up with:

Milk, Cookies, Cows, Black, White, Pink & Cookies-n-Cream

Here are just some of our creative projects for this Milk Themed Shower:


-Cow Print fabric for each, 1/2 yard per table.  (I even got the Fabric store to make this one cut for me, so basically I just threw them on!).

-Black table clothes underneath the cow print fabric

-Pink flowers for the new baby girl, placed in cool old milk bottles ($3 each for these)

-Chick-Fil-a cows

Party Favors:

Soy & Oak Milk Lotion Samples


-My friend Adam Buzard made these awesome invitations for her


New mom & the food!

-Katie Ward made some beautiful Cookies-n-Creme cupcakes, check out her other cakes and cup cakes

Heather West used some empty Frappuccino bottles to make individual milk bottles for everyone.  She took off each label, added the baby’s initials & painted the tops black.  (Word to the wise on the bottle caps, do not use spray paint, let these dry for days before placing on the milk, we don’t want our milk tasting like paint 🙂

Alyssa Pantana made some fun candy pacifiers with good and plenty candies

Diaper Cake-

Next week I’ll cover how to make a diaper cake!

I love to throw parties and I really love to make them personal.  Throwing a baby shower doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to one aisle at the party store.  Make up a fun theme and do it for cheap!


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