Re-purposing for Craft Storage

Crafts are fun, crafts are also very messy!
Here are a couple ways I have re-purposed items that I no longer needed to help me organize all my supplies.

Old Microwave Stand

When we graduated from college my roommate and I needed some extra counter top space in our small apartment.  One of the first things we purchased was a microwave stand ( ).  It was useful right up until I got married and moved into a larger home.  Then for a while it sat in a closet.  I needed a great place to house some of my large scrapbooks that dont fit in our bookshelf. This is what we got-

-Black spray paint
-Old TV stand/Microwave stand
-Office/crafting supplies

1) Disassemble & Remove the natural wood top.
2) Spray paint the top with several coats of paint
3) Reassemble the stand
4) Place books or scrapbooks on stand
5) Add any cool looking office supplies to the hooks

Ribbon Storage

Ribbon always makes a mess and honestly there is no great way to store it.  But recently I found something that works!

– Skirt hanger ( )
– Your ribbon
– Pliers

– Use pliers to open one end of each of the tiers of the hanger
– Place any rolls on the lateral part of the hanger
– Use the clips for any small pieces you may have that are no longer on a spool

This is idea is great because you can easily view all your ribbon without looking in a box and you can easily find a door knob in any room to place it on while you work on your project.

Maybe this will inspire you to organize some of your crafting supplies!


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