Chair of memories

Modge Podge your favorite memories to a old chair!

This chair has been following me around for 10 years!  I honestly never thought that when I saved this chair from our family yard sale that it would still be with me.

(Just a few years after Amy and I graduated!)

My college roommate, Amy, probably thought I was crazy when I brought a old chair to college.  Then one day we had the genius idea to spruce up this old chair and get ride of some of the clutter in our desk drawers.   So with our compilation of high school and college CDs we came up with great quotes, pictures & song lyrics we loved from all our favorite CD covers.  Now when I look back at this chair I think back on all the time we spent making it together & all the songs, artist and movies that made up my high school and college experience.

Now I know that most people don’t actually buy CDs any more, we just download them.  But just in case you have a old chair hanging around you may want to try it and spend some quality time with the kids, your girl friends or even your husband!

Here are some other ideas to use on your chair:

-Old movie tickets, I know I keep all of mine, do you?

-Notes or cards from friends and family

-A old book that is falling apart or that you are missing parts of

-Your Journal, I’m not brave enough to let others read mine but you may be

-Kids art work

-Print out your favorite quotes

The tutorial for this project is very simple:

Buy Modge Podge, read directions and get to work!


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