For you and all the little girls

Bad hair day? Want to look awesome at the gym?  Need ideas for a great gift for that little girl you know?  What about saving money making your own accessories?

3 Tutorials for you today, Not vastly different but slightly!

1. Fabric Flower  (2) headband


Fabric (3 different colors or patterns, any light weight material will do, the cheap stuff is great for this project).

Headband (pre-made or lace ribbon, must have some elastic qualities, see the 2nd tutorial for details)

Hot glue

Needle & Thread


Step 1: Cut stripes of fabric, I like each to be 1′ long & about 1″ to 1.5″ wide.  The longer the fabric the larger the flowers.  I would advise you try this flower with some scrap fabric first, it doesn’t take much.

Step 2: Start at one end of the fabric.  Fold the strip in half horizontally or long ways!  Then fold it again.  This should give you one long piece of fabric folded into a very skinny strip.  Really only worry about having one end tightly folded.  Start to roll this end of tightly folded fabric.

Step  3: After rolling the fabric to the size of your thumb nail put a dot of hot glue to keep it tight.

Step 4: Start to turn the fabric half way around and glue after every few turns to ensure that the fabric will stay put. Do not keep turning your fabric at the same point every time, make it more of a random turn so you get petals that look natural with frayed and smooth edges.  Your fabric will quickly start to unfold from your original but that is okay, this is what is making the petals of your flower.

Step 5: Try to keep the flower as flat as possible.  If you find that your flower is tall you may want to start again with a new piece of fabric and cut a skinner piece of fabric.

Step 6: Once you feel as though you have the appropriate size flower take the tail and pull it around to the underside, securing with a dot of hot glue.

Step 7: Continue this process with the other two pieces of fabric.

Step 8:  Sew each flower to the head band.  Remember that with the elastic of the headband that when you put it on the material will stretch.  I learned this the hard way.  The first one I made the flowers were very far apart on the head band when I put it on. The second one I made was the one pictured and I sewed each flower almost on top of each other to get a better look.

2. Making lace headbands

Check out last weeks blog for details on how to make this fabric flower (1):

You may also use the fabric flower (2) for this head band.

Supplies for Headband:

Elastic ribbon

Thread & Needle


Step 1: Cut elastic ribbon to size of head, keep in mind how small infants heads are.  The one pictured was tiny! Leave a little extra fabric for step 2.

Step 2: sew together ends of ribbon with matching color thread.  I was not great at sewing this lace but after the second one I got it pretty well!

3. Layered button fabric flower (3)


Either headband from today’s tutorial 1 or 2

Fabric (2 different colors)

Buttons (at least 3 of similar colors but slightly different sizes)

Thread & Needle


Step 1: Use tutorial 1 or 2 head band

Step 2: Cut fabric, alternating sizes of fabric

Step 3: Start base color, opposite color of headband

Step 4: Tack down 1st color of fabric to headband, start alternating colored fabric, sewing each one, you will only need 2 stitches per layer.

Step 5: Sew each button in a cluster in the middle.I loved having multiple buttons of slightly different colors, that matched the head band.

I hope you enjoy these projects!  I have found they are my go to when I need a gift.


2 thoughts on “For you and all the little girls

  1. another option I have tried is to hot glue a piece of felt to the back of the flower and leave a space in the middle for the headband to slide through. Then you will have removable flowers and less bands. Just a suggestion. Cute tutorial.

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