Fabric Flower

Fabric Flowers

Especially good for a baby shower as party favors. I made one flower per guest and asked every guest to take one home, to wear it on a regular basis and pray for the new baby girl.  I have also sewn these flowers to a head band or hair clip!


Fabric- 3-4 yards, thicker or textured fabric is better.

Thread & needle-matching the fabric color


cookie cutters

fabric pen/pencil/sharpie

Hot glue gun


Fabric scissors

Additional supplies for making party favors with your fabric flowers

Clear Party Bags

Card stock paper (any light color)

Hole punch

Colored pen



Step 1: Use medium sized cookie cutters to trace 9 circles  (per flower) on fabric with fabric pen/pencil/sharpie. (If you are not using buttons for center cut another very small circle).

Step 2: Cut circles

Step 3: Thread similar colored thread into needle.  (Cut thread, it should be about 2 ft. Tie several small knots in the end opposite the needle, creating one larger knot.)

Step 4: Use one circle as the base.

Step 5: Fold 2nd circle in half twice, creating a 1/4th pieces.  Start needle from the underside of your base and tack down all 4 of the 1st layers of your flower.  You can see a picture below to give you a better idea.

Step 6: Fold the 6th circle as you did the others.  Do not place this circle directly on top of the other pie pieces, rather place it half way between each, to cover the edges of each of the pieces you placed on the 1st layer.  This picture below will help you more than my description.

Step 7: Tack down the rest of your circles this way, making the 2nd layer of the flower.

Step 8: From the bottom thread the needle up, place button in the center of your flower and sew it on.  This take 8-9 stitches for the button to become secure. (If you are not using a button take your small circle, fold in half. From one side start to role the fabric, you will be making a cone shape.  When finish simply tack down in the middle as you would all your previous fabric.)

Step 9: Heat hot clue gun.  Place a very small amount of glue onto the underside of the flower and quickly place flat side of pin onto the glue.  Hold for a few seconds.

If making guest party favors with your fabric flowers:

Step 10:  Put each flower in a clear bag.

Step 11: Cut stripes of paper & hole punch one end.

Step 12:  Write a phrase on slips of paper, for example “Pray for Baby Esther every time you wear this flower”

Step 13:  Use the twist ties provided to close all bags.

Step 14:  Tie each slip of paper onto each bag with ribbon

Let me know if you have questions on how to make these flowers headbands or hair clips, I would love to help!


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