Brown paper packages tied up with string…

Try this project next time you have a gift to wrap. 

The 1st picture is my very first try, so it could have been better!  The picture at the bottom of the post is our Christmas gifts, you can tell experience helps. And yes it is cheaper than gift bags or wrapping paper.


Heavy Duty Craft Paper

Ribbon/Yarn/Bow (You can buy a bow as I did in the first picture or check out the picture at the end for other ribbon/yarn options)


Tape, I like packing tape

For Letters-

Colored card stock paper (I like scrap booking paper)

A Cricut machine, die cutting machine

Sticker Machine

Alternate for letters- You could also buy scrap booking stickers if you do not have these sticker making tools or the time to do your own letters


Step 1: Wrap in Heavy Duty Craft Paper. (Price this out, the cheapest I have found in a retail store has been $3 a roll, it may be cheaper online). I let my husband wrap a couple and he isn’t the world’s best wrapper but with this paper it actually doesn’t look too bad.

Step 2: Cut yarn or ribbon for each package, depending on the size.  If using yarn I like to use at least 5-6 pieces per package. (If doing a series of gifts, I love having different textures of ribbons, different thicknesses etc.  I thought it gave it all some depth.)

Step 3: Tie ribbon or yarn around packages. (Or attach bow)

Step 4: Cut letters with Cricut using card stock paper.  I like to use shadow letters and normal letters, your Cricut should be able to give you instructions on how to do this.

Step 5: Feed letters into sticker machine.  If making shadow letters I advise making the shadows first, then make the actual letters in a different color.

Step 6: Put letters on packages.

Let me know if you have questions on any of these supplies or steps.


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